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Al Christman is a journalist and historian in San Marcos, California. He was a writer and historian for the U.S. Navy, and served as historian of Navy Laboratories.


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Cobb, Emma is member for American Heritage site since 2011. More >>

Margaret Coel wrote about the Golden Gate Bridge in the Summer 1987 Invention & Technology . More >>

ERWIN v. COHEN has worked in scientific publishing for many years. His company, Magnolia Publishing, recently published the LIA Handbook of Laser Materials Processing . More >>

I. Bernard Cohen is the Victor S. Thomas Professor of the History of Science Emeritus at Harvard University. More >>

STEPHEN COLE is a science writer in Washington, D.C. More >>

David Colley lives in Easton, Pennsylvania, and writes often on military matters. He is the author of The Road to Victory , the story of World War II’s Red Ball Express. More >>

Richard Connifi was managing editor of Geo . He is author of Irish Walls , to be published in May. More >>

Cook, Kevin L. is member for American Heritage site since 2011. More >>

Dan Cooper is a physicist turned writer in South Orange, New Jersey. More >>

Ruth Schwartz Cowan is a professor of history and director of women’s studies at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and author of More Work for Mother: The Ironies of Household Technology from the Open He More >>

Berry Craig is a of history at Paducah Community College, in Kentucky. He has been the host of the television show, Berry Craig's Notebook, since 1989, the year he came to the college after spending a dozen years as a daily newspaper columnist. More >>

Edward R. Crews is a business reporter for the Richmond, Virginia, Times-Dispatch and also writes often on maritime and naval topics. More >>

Ken Croswell is a doctoral candidate in astronomy at Harvard University and has written for Air & Space, Astronomy, and Science Impact . More >>

Tom D. Crouch is senior curator of aeronautics at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Air and Space Museum. More >>

Ken Cupery is a systems and optical engineer who retired from Eastman Kodak in 2002 after 35 years. More >>

Wayne Curtis is the author of And a Bottle of Rum: A History of the New World in 10 Cocktails , which will be published by Crown in July. More >>

Richard M. Daniel is a retired commander in the U.S. Naval Reserve and a chemical engineer. More >>

Gregory J. Daschle is a former resident of Missoula, Montana. More >>

Davidson, Martha is member for American Heritage site since 2011. More >>

Kenneth S. More >>

Anne Day is a freelance photographer and writer based in Connecticut and New York. In addition to her work in the United States, she has photographed stories in South Africa, Haiti, France, Spain, Japan and the former Soviet Union. More >>

Nicholas Dean is a maritime historian, writer, and photographer who lives in Edgecomb, Maine. More >>

Nicholas Delbanco is the Robert Frost Distinguished University Professor of English Language and Literature at the University of Michigan and Chair of the Hopwood Committee.

Prof. Delbanco has published twenty-five books of fiction and non-fiction.

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An informative Web site on the general topic of historic bridges is www. More >>

Carlene Stephens is the curator in charge of the time collections at the National Museum of American History. More >>

Sally Denton is an investigative reporter and author who writes about America's hidden history. She grew up in Boulder City, Nevada.


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David Diaz is an American history teacher in Bristol, Rhode Island. More >>

Barry E. DiGregorio is a freelance writer in Middleport, New York, who writes for IEEE Spectrum, New Scientist, Chemistry & Biology, ASM Microbe Magazine, and other scientific publications. More >>

RACHEL DORNHELM is a public-radio reporter and producer based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More >>

DAVID DOUGLAS is a schoolteacher and freelance writer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. More >>

Robert G. Douglass is a writer and archeological illustrator in Sonoma County, California. More >>

RAOUL DRAPEAU is an inventor, engineer, educator, author, and commercial arbitrator. His most recent book is The Art and Methods of Invention (Flag Books, 1998). More >>

Nick D’Alto is an aerospace engineer and a freelance writer. He lives in Bellmore, New York. More >>

Charles W. Ebeling, a retired industrial engineer, is the author of An Introduction to Reliability and Maintainability Engineering, Integrated Packaging Systems for Transportation and Distribution, and other books on engineering. More >>

KENTWORTH EDEL is a mechanical engineer and lives in Delran, NewJersey., More >>

Amy C. More >>

Jason Emerson , an independent historian writing from Cazenovia, New York, is the author of The Madness of Mary Lincoln (Southern Illinois University Press, 2007) an More >>

John Erroll is curator of the John M. Mossman Lock Collection, at the General Society of Mechanics and Tradesmen in New York City. More >>

STEPHEN ESCHENBACH is a writer in Millburn, New Jersey. More >>

Tom Farley is a freelance technology writer and the founder of, a website devoted to telecommunications which he had produced since 1995. More >>

Julie M. Fenster is an award-winning author and historian, and frequent contributor to Invention & TechnologyAmerican Heritage and other magazines.

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Joel A. Tarr is a professor of history and public policy and associate dean of the College of Humanities and Social Science at Carnegie Mellon University. Steven J. More >>

Eugene S. Ferguson is a professor of history emeritus at the University of Delaware. More >>

David E. Fisher is a professor of cosmochemistry at the University of Miami and the author of twenty previous books. Marshall Jon Fisher lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts. More >>

Thomas Fleming is the author of 23 books of history and several novels, a frequent contributor to American Heritage Magazine and former president of the Society of American Historians. More >>

James J. Flink is professor emeritus of social sciences at the University of California, Irvine, and the author of The Automobile Age (MIT Press, 1988). More >>

Stephen Fox’s article “The Strange Triumph of Abner Doble” appeared in the Summer 1998 issue. More >>

A contributing editor of Invention and Technology since 1985, Robert Friedel is a professor at the University of Maryland. More >>

Herbert M. Friedman is a corporate lawyer and a pilot who has been studying aviation history since he was a child. More >>
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