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ca. 1875 Siegfried Marcus Car Vienna Austria ASME
1878 Bridges of Keeseville Keeseville NY USA ASCE
1878 Browning Firearms Collection Ogden UT USA ASME
1878 Pelton Impulse Water Wheel Camptonville CA USA ASCE
1878 First Oil Tanker Bibi-Heybat Baku Azerbaijan SPE
1877 Edison Experimental Recording Phonograph West Orange NJ USA ASME
1877 High Bridge Wilmore KY USA ASCE
1877 Duquesne Incline Pittsburgh PA USA ASME
1877 Ponte Maria Pia Bridge Oporto Norte Portugal ASCE
1876-1923 East Maui Irrigation System East Maui HI USA ASCE
1876 Tehachapi Pass Railroad Line Walong CA USA ASCE
1876 Ward House Rye NY USA ASCE
1876 First Distant Speech Transmission in Canada, Paris Ontario Canada IEEE
1876 First Intelligible Voice Transmission over Electric Wire Boston MA USA IEEE
1876 Founding of the American Chemical Society New York City NY USA ACS
1876 Creusot Steam Hammer Le Creusot France ASME
1876 Pioneer Oil Refinery California Star Oil Works Newhall CA USA ASME
1876 Pit Silo Columbia MD USA ASABE
1875-1879 Eads South Pass Navigation Works New Orleans LA USA ASCE
1874 Eads Bridge East St. Louis IL USA ASCE
Displaying results 1 of 20 - 30
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