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Date Sort ascending Innovation City State Country Society
1899 Snoqualmie Falls Cavity Generating Station Snoqualmie WA USA ASCE
1898 Decew Falls Hydro-Electric Plant Niagara Ontario Canada IEEE
1898 Commercial Process for Producing Calcium Carbide and Acetylene Eden NC USA ACS
1898 Idols Station, Fries Manufacturing & Power Company Winston-Salem NC USA ASME
1898 Havemeyer Hall New York NY USA ACS
1898 BF Clyde's Cider Mill Old Mystic CT USA ASME
1897 Woodhead Dam Cape Town Western Cape South Africa ASCE
1897 Chivilingo Hydroelectric Plant Lota Chile IEEE
1897 Turbinia Newcastle upon Tyne UK ASME
1896 Northampton Street Bridge Easton NJ USA ASCE
1896 Southern Railway Spencer Shops Spencer NC USA ASME
1896 Columbia Dry Cell Battery St. Louis MO USA ACS
1895 Adams Hydroelectric Generating Plant Niagara Falls NY USA IEEE
1895 Folsom Hydroelectric Power System Folsom CA USA ASCE
1895 Reed Gold Mine Ten-Stamp Mill Midland NC USA SME (mining)
1895 Folsom Power House #1 Folsom CA USA ASME
1895 Reed Gold Mine Ten-Stamp Mill Midland NC USA ASME
1895 Harris-Corliss Steam Engine Atlanta GA USA ASME
1895 Lookout Mountain Incline Railway Chattanooga TN USA ASME
1894 The First Flaked Cereal Battle Creek MI USA ASABE
Displaying results 1 of 20 - 42
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