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Date Sort ascending Innovation City State Country Society
1919 Hydraulics Laboratory at the University of Iowa Iowa City IA USA ASCE
1919 Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewage Treatment Plant Milwaukee WI USA ASCE
1918 Holt Caterpillar Tractor Stockton CA USA ASME
1918 Brooks AFB, Old Hangar 9 San Antonio TX USA ASCE
1918 East Wells Onieda Street Power Plant Milwaukee WI USA ASME
1918 Mount Wilson Observatory, 100-inch Hooker Telescope Pasadena CA USA ASME
1917 Quebec Bridge Quebec City Quebec Canada ASCE
1917 NASA Langley Research Center Hampton VA USA
1917 Gilman Hall Berkeley CA USA ACS
1917 North Island Naval Air Station San Diego CA USA AIAA
1917 Lake Washington Ship Canal & Hiram M. Chittenden Locks Zanesville WA USA ASCE
1916 The Boeing Red Barn Seattle WA USA AIAA
1916 Elephant Butte Dam Truth or Consequences NM USA ASCE
1915 Tunkhannock Viaduct Nicholson PA USA ASCE
1915 Kansas City Park and Boulevard System Kansas City MI USA ASCE
1915 Flight of Five Locks Lockport NY USA ASCE
1914 Burton Farmers Gin Mill Burton TX USA ASME
1914 Belle of Louisville Louisville KY USA ASME
1914 Panama Canal Panama ASCE
1914 A.B. Wood Screw Pump New Orleans LA USA ASME
Displaying results 1 of 20 - 38
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