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Date Sort ascending Innovation City State Country Society
1929 Kaplan Turbine Muhlenberg PA USA ASME
1929 Navajo Bridge Page AZ USA ASCE
1929 Carbohydrate Metabolism - Carl and Gerty Cori St. Louis MO USA ACS
1929 Rocky River Pumped-storage Hydroelectric Plant Hartford CT USA ASME
1929 Downey Industrial Plant Downey CA USA AIAA
1929 Controlled Directional Drilling Conroe TX USA SPE
1929 Goodyear Airdock Akron OH USA ASCE
1929 Ann Arbor Baler Shelbyville IL USA ASABE
1929 Texas Commerce Bank Building Houston TX USA ASCE
1928-1945 Discovery and Development of Penicillin London UK ACS
1928 Moffat Tunnel Nederland CO USA ASCE
1928 C.V. Raman and the Raman Effect Calcutta, India ACS
1928 Bailey Island Bridge Harpswell ME USA ASCE
1928 Newark Airport Newark NJ USA ASCE
1928 Cooperative Fuel Research Engine Waukesha WI USA ASME
1928 Fairbanks Exploration Company Gold Dredge No. 8 Fairbanks AK USA ASME
1927-1932 Zuiderzee Enclosure Dam Zaandam North Holland Netherlands ASCE
1927 Holland Tunnel Jersey City NJ USA ASCE
1926-1956 Foundation of Polymer Science by Hermann Staudinger Freiburg im Breisgau Germany ACS
1926-1929 Atlantic City Convention Hall Atlantic City NJ USA ASCE
Displaying results 1 of 20 - 45
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