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Date Sort ascending Innovation City State Country Society
1979 Compact Disc Audio Player Eindhoven Netherlands IEEE
1976 Development of VHS, a World Standard for Home Video Recording Yokosuka Japan IEEE
1974-1982 First Real-Time Speech Communication on Packet Networks Lexington MA USA IEEE
1974 First 500 MeV Proton Beam from the TRIUMF Cyclotron Vancouver BC Canada IEEE
1974 Hughes Glomar Explorer ASME
1974 Hughes Glomar Explorer - USA ASME
1974 Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme Khancoban NSW Australia ASCE
1973 Pierce-Donachy Ventricular Assist Device Hersjey PA USA ASME
1972 Apollo Lunar Module LM-13 East Garden City NY USA ASME
1972 Voyager Spacecraft Interplanetary Explorers Flintridge CA USA ASME
1971 The Cotton Module Builder College Station TX USA ASABE
1970s NMR and MRI: Applications in Chemistry and Medicine Stony Brook NY USA ACS
1969 Big Surf Waterpark Tempe AZ USA ASME
Displaying results 1 of 13 - 13
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