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Hobby 1940 Air Terminal

Location: Houston, TX, USA
Creator(s): Joseph Finger

The 1940 Air Terminal is a beautiful and rare example of classic art deco airport architecture from the golden age of flight. Designed by noted architect Joseph Finger, the Terminal was built to meet Houston’s growing role as a major center for air commerce in the 1930s. Its grand opening by the City of Houston took place on September 28, 1940, at Houston Municipal Airport, now known as Hobby Airport. The 1940 Air Terminal was a destination for early airline service from points across Texas and the United States and international service, beginning in 1948.  The 1940 Air Terminal also was at the center of early business aviation and general aviation.  Within its walls, the 1940 Air Terminal housed rapidly advancing air traffic control and meteorological technology.  It served as Houston’s primary commercial air terminal until 1954.

Era: 1930s
Innovation designated by:
Hobby 1940 Air Terminal
Courtesy Wikicommons/Mlickliter (CC BY-SA 3.0)
The 1940 Air Terminal Museum
William P. Hobby Airport
7800 Airport Blvd
Houston, TX, USA

William P. Hobby Airport

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