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Picatinny Arsenal

Location: Wharton, NJ, USA
Date: 1880Creator(s): U.S. War Department

Built in 1880 as the Piccatinny Powder Depot, this site was the major supplier of smokeless powder to the military for many years. Since World War II, Picatinny Arsenal has been at the forefront of research, design, and development of a wide variety of advanced munitions for ground, airborne and seaborne platforms, including precision and smart munitions, artillery projectiles, submunitions, anti-tank projectiles, shoulder fired rockets, advanced antitank warheads, explosively formed penetrators, small and medium caliber munitions and other specialized items contributing to the security of the nation.

Era: 1880s
Innovation designated by:
Picatinny Arsenal
Picatinny Arsenal
213 NJ-15
Wharton, NJ, USA

Picatinny Arsenal

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