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Rocketdyne Santa Susana Field Laboratory

Location: Brandeis, CA, USA
Date: 1947

On 15 November 1950, the SSFL conducted its first official test with a Rocketdyne-designed XLR43-NA-1 large liquid propellant rocket engine, which later became the Redstone engine.  Encompassing 2558 acres, 18 large static test stands, 5 component test laboratories and an advanced test facility, the SSFL and its dedicated employees have provided significant contributions to U.S. rocketry and space programs for over 50 years.

Era: 1950s
Innovation designated by:
Rocketdyne's test stand for testing the J-2 engine in Santa Susana Mountains, 1963
Santa Susana Field Laboratory
Bravo Rd
Brandeis, CA, USA

Santa Susana Field Laboratory

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