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Graham-Hoeme Chisel Plow

Location: Hooker, OK, USA
Date: 1933Creator(s): Hoeme, Fred

Preventing Wind Erosion Was The Primary Objective Of Fred Hoeme, a Hooker, Oklahoma Farmer, When He Developed A Heavy-Duty Chisel Plow In 1933. Hoeme And His Sons Manufactured And Sold About 2000 Plows From Their Farmstead. In 1938, W. T. Graham Purchased The Manufacturing And Distribution Rights And Established Manufacturing In Amarillo, Texas. The Graham-Hoeme Plow, Marketed As "The Plow To Save The Plains", Was Sold Worldwide. This Chisel Plow Helped Control Wind Erosion During The Seven-Year Drought Of The 1950's, When About Half Of Great Plains Farmers Are Estimated To Have Owned Chisel Plows. The Graham-Hoeme Chisel Plow Has Been Produced For Over Sixty Years And Has Been The Forerunner Of A Great Proliferation Of Other Chisel Plows.

Era: 1930s
Innovation designated by:
Graham-Hoeme Chisel Plow
Graham-Hoeme Chisel Plow was the forerunner for a variety of modern chisel plow designs, such as this one.
Hooker, OK, USA

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