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Pole Frame Buildings

Location: Lawrence, KS, USA
Date: 1944Creator(s): Perkins, B. G.

Pole Frame Building Historic Landmark Of Agricultural Engineering - In the mid 1940's, "B G" Perkins of Doane Agricultural Service introduced a new pole-frame construction along the Missouri-Illinois border. This idea revolutionized the way barns were built. With pole-frame construction, Perkins cut building costs in half by: Using pressure-treated poles for structural support eliminating concrete foundations; Overlapping standard-length lumber, reducing cutting and adding strength; Using larger and fewer rafters and roof supports on edge spanning greater distances; Building single-story barns with no loft and open on south reducing ventilation problems. B. G. Perkins' pole-frame barns gave birth to the pole-frame construction industry which builds most farm buildings and many commercial and industrial buildings.

Era: 1940-1949
Innovation designated by:
Pole Frame Buildings
National Frame Builders Association
4840 Bob Billings Pkwy
Lawrence, KS, USA

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