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Cheesman Dam

Location: Sedalia, CO, USA
Date: 1905
Creator(s): South Platte Canal and Reservoir Company, Allen, C.P.

The Cheesman Dam was the first major dam in the U.S. to incorporate the gravity arch, and upon completion it was the highest gravity arch stone masonry dam in the world. It is the key structure in Denver's water supply.

Three years into original construction, flooding swept away the partially completed rock-filled structure. A solid masonry replacement dam was completed in just five years - a major feat for such a remote and complex project. When it was finished, the dam rose higher than the tallest building in Denver. 

Tags: Era: 1900-1909
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Cheesman Dam
Public Domain
Cheesman Dam
27633-27701 State Highway 211
Pike National Forest
Sedalia, CO, USA

27633-27701 State Highway 211

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