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ASABE Headquarters

Location: St. Joseph, MI, USA
Date: 1969

Established in 1907, the American Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE) was managed by volunteers. In 1925, local editor Raymond Olney was named secretary, thus establishing ASAE in this area. By 1969, with over 7,000 members in 100 countries, an ASAE building was constructed at this site in St. Joseph, Mi. In 2005, ASAE became ASABE to recognize the importance of biology in the profession. ASABE collects and maintains the unique body of knowledge for the agricultural/biological engineering profession. ASABE peer reviews, and publishes research, teaching, extension, and industry papers from all over the world; maintains safety and compatibility standards for agricultural equipment and systems; coordinates the strengthening of curricula at universities; and sponsors meetings and events to encourage further development and worldwide interchange of technical knowledge. These efforts contribute to a highly productive, sustainable, and global agriculture that provides high quality, affordable food and fiber to a world population while preserving essential soil, air, and water resources.

Era: 1960-1969
Innovation designated by:
ASABE Headquarters
ASABE Headquaters
2950 Niles Rd
St. Joseph, MI, USA

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