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Soil Compaction Criteria

Location: Auburn, AL, USA
Date: 1933Creator(s): Nichols, Dr. Mark L.

Historically, Farm Tillage Tools Were Designed Without Scientific Knowledge Of How Tools Work The Soil. Thus, A Tool Designed To Operate In One Soil Pulled By A Mule Might Not Operate Satisfactorily In Another Soil Or When Pulled By A Tractor At Higher Speeds. Traction And Flotation Problems Appeared With The Introduction Of Tractors. The Importance Of Developing A Scientific Approach To The Study Of Tillage And Traction Became Apparent During The Transition From Animal To Mechanical Power.

Because Of The Pioneering Work In Soil Dynamics Initiated In 1922 By Dr. Mark L. Nichols, Professor Of Agricultural Engineering At Auburn University, The Farm Tillage Machinery Laboratory, Now The National Soil Dynamics Laboratory, Was Established At This Location In 1933. The Study Of Soil Dynamics Has Defined How Traction Devices And Tillage Tools Operate On Different Soils And Soil Conditions. It Has Also Provided Design Criteria Which Manufacturers Have Used To Improve The Efficiency Of Tillage Implements, Such As Plows, Harrows, Planters And Cultivators, And Traction And Transport Machines, Such As Tractors, Combines, And Trailers.

The Discipline Of Soil Dynamics; Pioneered, Defined And Developed At This Location; Has Allowed Manufacturers To Provide Farmers Around The World With Machinery That Produces More Effective Tillage And Traction While Minimizing Soil Compaction And Conserving Soil, Water, And Energy. Dedicated By The American Society Of Agricultural Engineers 1990


Tags: Era: 1930s
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Soil Compaction Criteria
Courtesy Wikicommons/Blonder1984 (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Soil compaction
National Soil Dynamics Laboratory
Auburn, AL, USA

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