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Ashuelot Covered Bridge
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42.777545, -72.421046
20 Hampshire Ct, , NH

The Ashuelot Covered Bridge is located at the center of Ashuelot, NH. It is a Town lattice truss bridge, spanning the Ashuelot River in a roughly north-south orientation. It consists of two spans with a total length of 178 feet (54 m). The total width of the bridge is 29 feet (8.8 m), and has a central roadway and sidewalks (measuring 3'10" in width) on each side. The bridge rests on stone abutments and a central pier. The abutments have been reinforced with concrete since the bridge was built, and the central pier has been protected by a metal breakwater. The bridge passes 11'7" over the water.

One unusual feature of this bridge is that its sides are not fully sheathed, the usual means by which the truss elements are protected from the elements. Instead, the bridge roof is extended to provide long eaves, and the sides are sheathed to the height of the walkway handrails.

Apparently a bridge was already standing at this site before the current bridge was completed in 1865 since older beams were found when repairs were made to the bridge after the New England Hurricane of 1938.

Ashuelot Covered Bridge
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Edwin S. Grosvenor

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