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Date Innovation City State Country Society
300 BC - 1400 AD Guayabo Ceremonial Center Turrialba Turrialba Costa Rica ASCE
2575-2137 BC Lake Moeris Quarry Road Faiyum District Egypt ASCE
BC 100 Ifugao Rice Terraces Bananue Philippines ASCE
1962 The Reactive Noble Gases Vancouver BC Canada ACS
1993 Pegasus 3 Engine BS 916 Bristol BC UK ASME
1974 First 500 MeV Proton Beam from the TRIUMF Cyclotron Vancouver BC Canada IEEE
1967 First Radio Astronomical Observations Using Very Long Baseline Interferometry Caleden BC Canada IEEE
1953 First Television Broadcast in Western Canada North Vancouver BC Canada IEEE
Displaying results 1 of 8 - 8

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