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Foundation of Polymer Science by Hermann Staudinger

Location: Freiburg im Breisgau, , Germany
Date: 1926-1956
Creator(s): Staudinger, Hermann

In the years 1926 to 1956, the German chemist Hermann Staudinger carried out his pathbreaking research on macromolecular chemistry in Freiburg. His theories on the polymer structures of fibers and plastics and his later research on biological macromolecules formed the basis for countless modern developments in the fields of materials science and biosciences and supported the rapid growth of the plastics industry. For his work in the field of polymers, Staudinger was awarded the Nobel Prize for chemistry in 1953.

Tags: Era: 1920-1929
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Foundation of Polymer Science by Hermann Staudinger
Original Image: Public Domain; Produced prior to 1/1/1969 (SWEDISH)
Hermann Staudinger
University of Freiburg
Schwarzwaldstraße 183
Freiburg im Breisgau, , Germany

University of Freiburg

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