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1987 river blindness Discovery of Ivermectin Rockville MD USA
1985 Discovery of Fullerenes Discovery of Fullerenes Houston TX USA
1984 Acetyl Chemicals from Coal Gasification Kingsport TN USA
1970s NMR and MRI: Applications in Chemistry and Medicine Stony Brook NY USA
1970s SRRC Cotton Products Research New Orleans LA USA
1969 Mariner 6 and 7 spacecraft Infrared Spectrometer and the Exploration of Mars Berkeley CA USA
1966 Discovery of Camptothecin and Taxol Discovery of Camptothecin and Taxol® Rockville MD USA
1962 Rachel Carson Legacy of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring Pittsburgh PA USA
1962 Neil Bartlett and the Reactive Noble Gases The Reactive Noble Gases Vancouver BC Canada
1961 Deciphering the Genetic Code Deciphering the Genetic Code Bethesda MD USA
1957 First Successful Commercialization of Radiation Chemistry First Successful Commercialization of Radiation Chemistry Fremont CA USA
1957 frozen foods Frozen Foods Research: Time-Temperature Tolerance Studies Albany CA USA
1956 Roy Teranishi Flavor Chemistry Research at the USDA Albany CA USA
1950-1969 The Keeling Curve, December 2014 Keeling Curve: Study of Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide La Jolla CA USA
1949 paints Acrylic Emulsion Technology Philadelphia PA USA
1946 Herman Mark Polymer Research Institute Brooklyn NY USA
1941 Development of Diagnostic Test Strips Development of Diagnostic Test Strips Elkhart IN USA
1938–1945 Russell Marker and the Mexican Steroid Hormone Industry Mexican Steroid Hormone Industry University Park PA USA
1937 Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, Mellon Institute of Industrial Research, Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh PA USA
1936 Signs DayGlo Fluorescent Pigments Cleveland OH USA

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