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Vulcan Street Plant

Location: Appleton, WI, USA
Date: 1882
Creator(s): Rogers, H.J. , Edison, Thomas

The plant began operation only twenty-six days after Thomas Edison's first steam plant began operating on Pearl Street in New York (NL 46). On September 30, 1882, an Edison "K" type dynamo produced electricity from a water-powered turbine to light three buildings (two paper mills and the H.J. Rogers home), at rate of about 12 1/2 kilowatts. It is the first Edison hydroelectric central station to serve a system of private and commercial customers in North America. The story of its development provides keen insight into the nation's first experiences with the electric light.

Tags: Era: 1880-1889
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Vulcan Street Plant
Courtesy Flickr/bigcityal (CC BY 2.0)
Vulcan Street Plant
Fox River
531 W Prospect Ave
Appleton, WI, USA

Fox River

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