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Food Dehydration Technology

Location: Wyndmoor, PA, USA
Creator(s): Eastern Regional Research Center

Instant mashed potatoes are commonplace on grocery shelves and have found wide use institutionally and in domestic and international food aid programs. The most successful form of instant mashed potatoes resulted from the flake process developed in the 1950s and 1960s at the Eastern Regional Research Center, a United States Department of Agriculture facility outside of Philadelphia. The process for reconstituting instant mashed potatoes devised at this facility utilized dehydration technology. Subsequent research at the ERRC led to the introduction of other high-quality dehydrated vegetable products, many of these the result of research in explosion-puffing processes.

Innovation designated by:
Dehydrated shredded potatoes
Eastern Regional Research Center
600 E Mermaid Ln
Wyndmoor, PA, USA

Eastern Regional Research Center

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