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Women inventors

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AFTER THE UNITED STATES ENTERED WORLD WAR II, PROFESSOR Grace Hopper joined the Navy. She was too light to get in, missing the minimum weight for her height by 16 pounds, but she received a dispensation. She could have received another dispensation to relieve her from basic training, because the Navy was interested only in using her mind, not in making her into a sailor.
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Winter 2020 | Volume 26, Issue 1
Name: Arlyne Simon, PhDBirthdate: March 30, 1986Hometown: Laudat Village, DominicaEducation: Georgia Tech, majored in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering; University of Michigan, PhD in Macromolecular Science and EngineeringWhat is it that you hold a patent in? It’s a diagnostic test that…
Winter 2020 | Volume 26, Issue 1
Mackenzie Andrews, Jennifer Steger, and Allisa Song of the Nanodropper Team. Photo by Matt Hagan/UW Buerk Center for Entrepreneurship  What is Nanodropper? Put simply, we make eyedrops smaller. This reduces medication waste, makes medications more affordable, and increases access to vision…
Winter 2020 | Volume 26, Issue 1
Name: Brooke MartinBirthdate: Dec. 2, 1999Hometown: Spokane, WashingtonEducation: Stanford University, Class of 2021, Majoring in Management Science and EngineeringInvention: iCPoochPhoto Courtesy of Brooke MartinWhat is iCPooch? iCPooch is a device that allows two-way video chat and treat…
Winter 2020 | Volume 26, Issue 1
Name: Katy Flannery (left)Born: December 11, 1989Hometown: North Attleboro, MassachusettsEducation: Villanova University, Class of 2012, Nursing MajorName: Gwen Burlingame (right)Born: April 3, 1990Hometown: Springfield, VirginiaEducation: Villanova University, Class of 2012, Marketing Major…
Winter 2020 | Volume 26, Issue 1
Bette Nesmith Graham didn’t set out to earn millions: she just needed a way to correct her frequent typing mistakes as a secretary at the Texas Bank & Trust in Dallas in the early 1950s. In the process this single mother invented and patented Liquid Paper, a product that transformed the working…


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