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Columbia Dry Cell Battery
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Energizer Holdings, Inc. corporate headquarters
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Imagine a world without batteries. It would be a much different world, in which the automobile and the telephone would have developed differently and probably later, a world without many of the conveniences of modern life and without some of the necessities. The battery, ever smaller and more powerful, defines much of our modern comforts and advances. There were many scientific and technological advances on the way to those smaller and more powerful batteries. One of the major leaps in the history of the development of the battery was the introduction of the Columbia dry cell in the 1890s by the National Carbon Company, forerunner of the Energizer Company.

In 1896 the National Carbon Company (corporate predecessor of Energizer) developed the six-inch, 1.5 volt Columbia battery, the first sealed dry cell successfully manufactured for the mass market.
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Columbia Batteries: The World's Standard

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