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Date Innovation City State Country Society
1974 Hughes Glomar Explorer ASME
1973 Pierce-Donachy Ventricular Assist Device Hersjey PA USA ASME
1972 Apollo Lunar Module LM-13 East Garden City NY USA ASME
1971 The Cotton Module Builder College Station TX USA ASABE
1970s NMR and MRI: Applications in Chemistry and Medicine Stony Brook NY USA ACS
1974 Snowy Mountains Hydro-Electric Scheme Khancoban NSW Australia ASCE
1972 Voyager Spacecraft Interplanetary Explorers Flintridge CA USA ASME
1979 Compact Disc Audio Player Eindhoven Netherlands IEEE
1976 Development of VHS, a World Standard for Home Video Recording Yokosuka Japan IEEE
1974 First 500 MeV Proton Beam from the TRIUMF Cyclotron Vancouver BC Canada IEEE
1974-1982 First Real-Time Speech Communication on Packet Networks Lexington MA USA IEEE
1969 Big Surf Waterpark Tempe AZ USA ASME
1974 Hughes Glomar Explorer - USA ASME
Displaying results 1 of 13 - 13

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