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Jacobs Engine Brake Retarder

Location: Bloomfield, CT, USA
Date: 1957
Creator(s): Cummins, Clessie Lyle
The Jake Brake permits large trucks to descend long, steep grades at a controlled speed. It was the first practical mechanism for altering on demand the valve timing on a truck diesel engine, thereby converting the engine to a power absorbing machine. The modified engine can continue to power the truck in normal operation, allowing service brakes to remain cool for emergency situations. Invented by Clessie Lyle Cummins (1886-1968), this device (produced by the Jacobs manufacturing company since 1961) has contributed significantly to highway safety.
Tags: Era: 1950-1959
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Courtesy Wikipedia/Sierra Fournier (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Jacobs Engine Brake Retarder ("Jake Brake")
Jacobs Manufacturing Company
22 East Dudley Town Road
Bloomfield, CT, USA

Jacobs Manufacturing Company

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