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Date Sort ascending Image Innovation City State Country
ca. 1875 Siegfried Marcus Car Siegfried Marcus Car Vienna Austria
ca. 1810 Colvin Run Mill Great Falls VA USA
2011 Collection at the Museum of Engines and Mechanisms Palermo Italy
1997 Thrust SSC Supersonic Car Thrust SSC Supersonic Car Coventry England
1996 Digital Micromirror Device Plano TX USA
1993 Pegasus 3 Engine BS 916 Pegasus 3 Engine BS 916 Bristol BC UK
1987 Stereolithography Rock Hill SC USA
1974 Hughes Glomar Explorer
1974 Hughes Glomar Explorer - USA
1973 Pierce-Donachy Ventricular Assist Device Pierce-Donachy Ventricular Assist Device Hersjey PA USA
1972 Voyager Spacecraft Interplanetary Explorers Voyager Spacecraft Interplanetary Explorers Flintridge CA USA
1972 abacus II ABACUS II Integrated-Circuit Wire Bonder Dallas TX USA
1972 Apollo Lunar Module LM-13 East Garden City NY USA
1969 Big Surf Waterpark Tempe AZ USA
1969 Newell Shredder Newell Shredder San Antonio TX USA
1968 Apollo Space Suit Frederica DE USA
1968 Apollo Space Command Module Titusville FL USA
1967 Saturn V Rocket Saturn V Rocket Orlando FL USA
1966 American Precision Museum Windsor VT USA
1964 Corliss steam engine New England Wireless and Steam Museum East Greenwich RI USA

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