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Herbert H. Dow

Herbert Dow in 1888 Photo courtesy of the Post Street Archives.
Society: ACSMain Category: ChemicalSub Category: Industrial AdvancesEra: 1900sDateCreated: 1891 Herbert H. Dow Historical MuseumMidlandState: MIZip: 48640Country: USAWebsite:, Herbert H. Dow

On January 4, 1891, Herbert H. Dow succeeded in producing bromine electrolytically from central Michigan’s rich brine resources. In the years that followed, this and other processes developed by Dow and the company he founded led to an increasing stream of chemicals from brines. The commercial success of these endeavors helped to promote the growth of the American chemical industry.


The plaque commemorating the event reads:

Image Credit: courtesy of the Post Street Archives.Image Caption: Herbert Dow in 1888
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