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Kavanagh Building
Society: ASCEMain Category: CivilSub Category: BuildingsEra: 1930-1939DateCreated: 1936Kavanagh BldgBuenos AiresCountry: ArgentinaWebsite: Sánchez, Gregorio , Lagos, Ernesto

Built during the 1930s, when Argentina's economy was the tenth strongest in the world, the Kavanagh Building was one of the world's first reinforced concrete skyscrapers and for many years remained the tallest building in South America. Commissioned by Corina Kavanagh and designed by architect Sanchez Lago y De la Torre, the 31-story modernist structure juxtaposes five volumes in a triangular, stair-like configuration that served for many years as a representative symbol of modern Buenos Aires.

Image Credit: Courtesy Flickr/Alex Proimos (CC BY 2.0)Image Caption: Kavanagh BuildingEra_date_from: 1936
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