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Universal Oil Products (UOP) at Riverside Laboratory

Location: McCook, IL, USA
Date: 1921
Creator(s): Dubbs, Carbon Petroleum (C. P.) , Halle, Hiram

This research and development complex was established by the founders of Universal Oil Products (later named UOP) to develop key products for the oil-refining industry. The processes created here profoundly affected the refining, treatment and conversion of crude oil and the development of the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Conceived as a combination of quiet academic retreat and industrial plant, Riverside attracted many of the world's leading petroleum scientists and a dedicated support team. Between 1921 and 1955, Riverside research resulted in 8,790 U.S. and foreign patents. Today, Riverside research focuses on catalyst development and pilot-plant operations that test catalyst performance and optimize processing conditions.

Tags: Era: 1920-1929
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Riverside Laboratory
Courtesy ACS
A laboratory at Riverside
Riverside Laboratory
McCook, IL, USA

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