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Beckman, Arnold

The Beckman pH Meter
Society: ACSMain Category: ChemicalSub Category: New ProductsEra: 1930-1949DateCreated: 1936Beckman InstitutePasadenaCountry: USAWebsite:, Beckman, Arnold

When Arnold Beckman, a professor of analytical chemistry at the California Institute of Technology, was asked to devise a way to measure acidity in citrus fruit, the resulting “acidometer” revolutionized chemical instrumentation. The innovative features of the pH meter, including its use of integrated electronic technology and all-in-one design, were the basis for subsequent modern instrumentation developed by Beckman and his company.


The plaque commemorating the development reads:

Image Credit: Courtesy Science History InstituteImage Caption: Chemist George Garcelon using a portable Beckman pH meter in laboratory, 1951. Interior of Research Laboratory, Althouse Chemical Plant, 500 Pear Street, Reading, PennsylvaniaEra_date_from: 1936
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