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The Beckman pH Meter
Society: ACSMain Category: ChemicalSub Category: New ProductsEra: 1930-1949DateCreated: 1936Beckman InstitutePasadenaCountry: USAWebsite:, Beckman, Arnold

When Arnold Beckman, a professor of analytical chemistry at the California Institute of Technology, was asked to devise a way to measure acidity in citrus fruit, the resulting “acidometer” revolutionized chemical instrumentation. The innovative features of the pH meter, including its use of integrated electronic technology and all-in-one design, were the basis for subsequent modern instrumentation developed by Beckman and his company.


The plaque commemorating the development reads:

Image Credit: Courtesy Science History InstituteImage Caption: Chemist George Garcelon using a portable Beckman pH meter in laboratory, 1951. Interior of Research Laboratory, Althouse Chemical Plant, 500 Pear Street, Reading, PennsylvaniaEra_date_from: 1936
Rumford Baking Powder
Society: ACSMain Category: ChemicalSub Category: New ProductsEra: 1860-1869DateCreated: 1869Rumford Chemical WorksRumfordState: RICountry: USAWebsite:, Horsford, Eben

Bread is considered a basic foodstuff; eaten down through the ages, it continues to be a staple of the modern diet. The development of baking powder made baking easier, quicker and more reliable for bakers in the mid-19th century. Eben Horsford’s unique formula was an important innovation and made the making of biscuits, cookies and other quick baking products simpler than before.


The commemorative plaques read:

Image Credit: Courtesy Wikicommons/Lou Sander (CC BY-SA 3.0)Image Caption: In 2006 Rumford Baking Powder was designated a National Historic Chemical Landmark in recognition of its significance for making baking easier, quicker, and more reliable. Ingredients are monocalcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, and cornstarch.
First Successful Commercialization of Radiation Chemistry
Society: ACSMain Category: ChemicalSub Category: New ProductsEra: 1950-1959DateCreated: 1957TE Connectivity Ltd.FremontState: CACountry: USAWebsite:, Cook, Paul

Founded in 1957, Raychem Corporation was the first company to successfully apply the new science of radiation chemistry to commercial use. This accomplishment led to the creation of tough new materials and high-performance products such as irradiated polyethylene insulated wire and heat-shrinkable tubing through the crosslinking of polymeric materials.

Image Caption: First Successful Commercialization of Radiation Chemistry
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