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Salt River Valley

Hohokam Canal System
Society: ASCEMain Category: CivilSub Category: Water Supply & ControlEra: 1000-1599DateCreated: 600 - 1450 ADPueblo Grande MuseumPhoenixState: AZZip: 85034Country: USAWebsite: Hohokam Indians

Developed by the Hohokam, a prehistoric group of Native Americans, the canal system in the Salt River Valley serviced more than 100,000 acres of mostly arid desert country in what is now southern Arizona. The prehistoric Hohokam constructed one of the largest and most sophisticated irrigation networks ever created using pre-industrial technology. 

Image Credit: Courtesy Flickr/Dave Hogg (CC BY 2.0)Image Caption: The Hohokam irrigation system included some 700 miles of canals.Era_date_from: 600
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