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Society: ASMEMain Category: MechanicalSub Category: ManufacturingEra: 1930-1939DateCreated: 1938-1948Ciudad de la Paz 394Buenos AiresZip: 1426Country: ArgentinaWebsite:, Biro, Ladislao Jose
The ballpoint pen invented by Ladislao Jose Biro was originally patented in Hungary in 1938. The principle of the ballpoint pen was originally patented by John Loud in 1888 for a product to mark leather and in 1916 by Van Vechten Riesberg, but neither of these products were exploited commercially. As a journalist, Biro was inspired by the concept of quick-drying ink in a print shop.
Image Credit: Courtesy Wikipedia/(CC BY-SA 2.5)Image Caption: A 1945 Birome Ballpoint Pen advertisement in an Argentine magazine known as LeoplánEra_date_from: 1938
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