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Penn. RR GG1 Electric Locomotive #4800

Location: Strasburg, PA, USA
Date: 1943
Creator(s): Baldwin Locomotive Works, General Electric Company

The 4,620-horsepower GG1 was primarily a passenger locomotive, routinely operating at over 100 miles per hour, but was used in freight service as well. Conceived by the Pennsylvania Railroad and built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works and General Electric Company, No. 4800 logged nearly 5 million miles in its forty-five-year life. It was the prototype for a 139-unit fleet built during a decade to serve on the PRR's electrified lines, and the only one with a riveted body shell; the remainder were welded. The stunning success of the GG1 class was due in large part to its flexible suspension system, which provided full and equal traction for all drivers regardless of track condition.

Tags: Era: 1940-1949
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Penn. RR GG1 Electric Locomotive #4800
Courtesy Wikipedia/dmb201
Penn. RR GG1 Electric Locomotive #4800
Railroad Museum of Pennsylvannia
Rte 741E., P.O. Box 125
Strasburg, PA, USA

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvannia

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