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Pratt Institute Power Plant
Society: ASME Main Category: Electric, Mechanical Sub Category: Steam Era: 1880-1889 DateCreated: 1887 Brooklyn State: NY Zip: Country: USA Website: Creator: Pratt, Charles

Steam and the inexpensive electricity it could produce brought about dramatic technical growth in the United States. Developed during the last century, reliable and efficient steam engines were the forerunners of today's massive generating facilities. A rare survivor of the period, the Pratt facility is the oldest generating plant of its kind in the Northeast and embodies the typical features of engines in a row, open-front marble switchboard, and an observation balcony at street level.

Image Credit: Public Domain (National Park Service) Image Caption: Pratt Institute Power Plant Era_date_from: 1887
Georgetown Steam Hydro Generating Plant
Society: IEEE Main Category: Electrical Sub Category: Power, Energy & Industry Application Era: 1900-1909 DateCreated: 1906 Duwamish River Seattle State: WA Zip: Country: USA Website: Creator: Stone and Webster

The Georgetown Steam Plant, a surprisingly complete and operable steam power plant after a career of nearly seventy-five years, was built in the early 1900s when Seattle's inexpensive hydroelectric power attracted manufacturers. Much of the power produced at this plant operated the streetcars. It marks the beginning of the end of the reciprocating steam engine's domination in the growing field of electrical energy generation for lighting and power.

Image Credit: Image Caption: Georgetown Steam Hydro Generating Plant Era_date_from: 1906
Penn. RR GG1 Electric Locomotive #4800
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Rail Transportation Era: 1940-1949 DateCreated: 1943 Railroad Museum of Pennsylvannia Strasburg State: PA Zip: 17579 Country: USA Website:,, Creator: Baldwin Locomotive Works, General Electric Company

The 4,620-horsepower GG1 was primarily a passenger locomotive, routinely operating at over 100 miles per hour, but was used in freight service as well. Conceived by the Pennsylvania Railroad and built by the Baldwin Locomotive Works and General Electric Company, No. 4800 logged nearly 5 million miles in its forty-five-year life. It was the prototype for a 139-unit fleet built during a decade to serve on the PRR's electrified lines, and the only one with a riveted body shell; the remainder were welded.

Image Credit: Courtesy Wikipedia/dmb201 Image Caption: Penn. RR GG1 Electric Locomotive #4800 Era_date_from: 1943
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