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Hiwassee Dam Unit 2 Reversible Pump-Turbine 1

Location: Murphy, NC, USA
Date: 1956
Creator(s): Allis-Chalmers Company

The integration of pump and turbine was the first of many to be installed in power-plant systems in the United States. It was the largest and most powerful in the world. As a "pump storage" unit in the Tennessee Valley Authority's system, it effected significant economies in the generation of electrical energy. The unit was designed by engineers of the Tennessee Valley Authority and the Allis-Chalmers Company. It was built by Allis-Chalmers.

Tags: Era: 1950-1959
Innovation designated by:
Hiwassee Dam Unit 2 Reversible Pump-Turbine 1
Public Domain (Tennessee Valley Authority)
Hiwassee Dam Unit 2 Reversible Pump-Turbine 1
Route 4, Box 170
Murphy, NC, USA

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