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Wilgus, William J.

Grand Central Terminal
Society: ASCE Main Category: Civil Sub Category: Era: 1910-1919 DateCreated: 1913 89 E 42nd St New York State: NY Zip: Country: USA Website: Creator: Wilgus, William J.

Spearheaded by Chief Engineer William J. Wilgus and constructed under challenging conditions with no interruption of existing train service, Grand Central Terminal was a triumph of innovative engineering in the design of urban transportation centers. Its novel, two-level station, made possible by electric traction, streamlined both train and passenger movement by separating long-haul and suburban traffic and employing an extensive system of pedestrian ramps throughout the facility.

Image Credit: Courtesy Wikicommons/Sracer357 (CC BY-SA 3.0) Image Caption: Grand Central Terminal Main Lobby Era_date_from:
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