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Society: ASMEMain Category: MechanicalSub Category: Water TransportationEra: 1900-1909DateCreated: 1909Outboard Marine CorpMilwaukeeState: WIZip: 53218Country: USAWebsite: Evinrude, Ole
This outboard motor, designed and built by Ole Evinrude (1877-1934) at the Evinrude Motor Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was quickly accepted by the boating public of the United States. Bess Evinrude called the prototype a "coffee grinder," but it moved a boat through water better than the huge steam- or foot-driven motors available in 1907. She encouraged him to build and sell ten, then twenty, soon resulting in the redirection of their automotive equipment business to outboard motors.
Image Credit: Courtesy Flickr/Mr. T in DC (CC BY-ND 2.0)Image Caption: Evinrude Outboard MotorEra_date_from: 1909
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