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Holt Caterpillar Tractor

Location: Stockton, CA, USA
Date: 1918
Creator(s): Holt, Benjamin

The first practical demonstration of this tractor took place in a peat field on Roberts Island on November 24, 1904, and was patented and in production by December of 1907. The existing machine represents the earliest gasoline-powered track-type tractors that were to help revolutionize agriculture, logging, construction, road building, and transportation around the world. Its design and development is credited to Benjamin Holt (1849-1920), president of the Holt Manufacturing Company of Stockton.

Tags: Era: 1910-1919
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Holt Caterpillar Tractor
Public Domain (Copyright Expired)
The Holt 75 model gasoline-powered Caterpillar tractor used early in World War I as an artillery tractor. Later models were produced without the front "tiller wheel."
1201 N Pershing Ave
Stockton, CA, USA

1201 N Pershing Ave

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