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Society: IEEEMain Category: Aerospace & AviationSub Category: ICEra: 1830-1839NewyorkState: ACTCountry: China

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Zhaozhou (or Anji) Bridge
Society: ASCEMain Category: CivilSub Category: BridgesEra: 0-1000DateCreated: 605 ADXiao RiverZhaoxianState: HebeiCountry: ChinaWebsite: Chun, Li

Ancient Chinese literature refers to the Zhaozhou Bridge as a "crescent moon rising from the clouds" or a "rainbow in the sky."  Throughout its history, it has been known as the Anchi or Anji Bridge (literally "safe crossing"), the Dashi Bridge ("big stone"), and the Dashiqiao ("great stone") Bridge.

Image Credit: Public Domain (Author's Choice)Image Caption: Zhaozhou (or Anji) BridgeEra_date_from: 605 AD
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