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Digital Light Process

Society: ASMEMain Category: MechanicalSub Category: Research and DevelopmentEra: 1990-1999DateCreated: 1996DLP(r) Demo CenterPlanoState: TXZip: 75023Country: USAWebsite: Hornbeck, Larry , Texas Instruments
The Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) was recognized as an ASME Mechanical Engineering Historic Landmark in 2008. Its development began in 1977 with the forming of a small team at Texas Instruments headed by noted physicist Larry Hornbeck. Texas Instruments was given a project from the Department of Defense to create a device that could modulate light.
Image Credit: Courtesy Wikipedia/Adpowers (CC BY-SA 1.0)Image Caption: Picture of DLP chip used in a digital projector at the Cinerama in SeattleEra_date_from: 1996
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