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Fall 1997

Volume 13, Issue 2


THE SEEMINGLY IDYLLIC WISCONSIN RIVER has everything from towering paper mills, power plants, and water-treatment facilities to breathtaking scenic vistas. An infrastructure of reservoirs, dams, and computers, along with constant monitoring and control, keeps the river’s many different roles in balance.

An enemy plane that saved American lives

THE LEGENDARY NEW YORK RAILROAD STATION , demolished in 1963, was but the visible capstone of a massive complex of tunnels, bridges, yards, and switching systems that brought together the city’s railroad lines and connected them to the world—and that still thrives today
THEIR SECRET technology turned the young United States into the globe’s most advanced naval power
When airplanes started shaking their skins off, a former Ukrainian farm boy solved the problem with a slotted stud, a bit of wire, and perfect timing

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