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Summer 1994

Volume 10, Issue 1


The aircraft carriers that won the Second World War were the result of two decades of improvisation

Where can you find the world’s greatest collection of cars, trucks, farm equipment, engines, washing machines, and snowmobiles? In Minden, Nebraska, of course.

A good code must be easy for the receiver to penetrate but impossible for anyone else. Edward Hebern’s machines made that possible and were dispensable for America’s military, yet they never earned him enough to live on.

It might sound too mundane to be interesting, but in fact, this peculiar little machine clamps its myriad teeth around the most compelling issues of technology, capitalism, and the heroic limits of entrepreneurial endurance

Peter Cooper devised valuable inventions in many areas, from glue manufacture to railroads to iromworking. His most important one may have been the most basic: free education for all.


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