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silver dart airborn First Motorized Flight in Canada - Baddeck, Nova Scotia
AIAA designated Baddeck, Nova Scotia as a historic site, providing a plaque to commemorate the centennial of the first powered flight in Canada. On February 23, 1909, piloting the…
GE Re-entry Systems GE Re-entry Systems
Philadelphia, PA
From 1956 to 1993, the GE Re-entry Systems facility was home to thousands of engineers and technicians who solved the problem of vehicles successfully reentering the Earth’s…
airport of Getafe Getafe Airfield
Getafe Airfield was the site of the world’s first successful rotorcraft flight, on January 17, 1923. Lieutenant Alejandro Gómez Spencer piloted a C.4 Autogiro designed and built…
Getafe Airfield
Getafe Airfield was the site of the world’s first successful rotorcraft flight, on January 17, 1923. Lieutenant Alejandro Gómez Spencer piloted a C.4 Autogiro designed and built…
 Dr. Robert H. Goddard and a liquid oxygen-gasoline rocket at Auburn, Massachusetts. Goddard Rocket Launch Site
Auburn, MA
On March 16, 1926 Dr. Robert H. Goddard, also known as "the father of modern rocketry," launched the world’s first liquid propellant rocket from a point 1000 feet S.S.E. of the…
Goodyear Airdock Goodyear Airdock
Akron, OH
Wind dynamics were a major consideration in building such a huge structure. When winds blow against the building, they are deflected up over the roof, creating a partial vacuum…
Hobby 1940 Air Terminal Hobby 1940 Air Terminal
Houston, TX
The 1940 Air Terminal is a beautiful and rare example of classic art deco airport architecture from the golden age of flight. Designed by noted architect Joseph Finger, the…
Alberto Santos-Dumont Home and Birthplace of Alberto Santos-Dumont
Sao Paolo,
Born 20 July 1873 in the state of Sao Paolo, Alberto Santos Dumont moved to Paris in 1891 but never forgot his birthplace. He soon began experimenting with flying, and designed…
Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station
Established between 1967, the Honeysuckle Creek Tracking Station, along with the Tidbinbilla and Orroral Valley sites, supported NASA’s Deep Space Network, Manned Space Flight…
Houston Municipal Airport Terminal Houston Municipal Airport Terminal
Houston, TX
The terminal, designed by noted architect Joseph Finger and built by the Works Progress Administration, is a rare remaining example of classic art deco airport architecture,…
Huffman Prairie Huffman Prairie
Dayton, OH
On this 84-acre meadow in 1904 and 1905, the Wright Brothers successfully mastered the mechanics of controlled, powered, heavier-than-air flight. The brothers also built the world…
Hydromatic Propeller Hydromatic Propeller
Windsor Locks, CT
Rapid development of aircraft design in the 1930s required many related innovations, including propeller design. The hydromatic propeller by Hamilton Standard marked a significant…
Sikorsky VS-300 Igor I. Sikorsky Memorial Airport, formerly Bridgeport Municipal Airport
Stratford, CT
Igor I. Sikorsky, engineering manager of the Vought – Sikorsky Division of the former United Aircraft Corporation, used the Stratford, Conn., sites to design, build, and test his…
Link C-3 Flight Trainer Link C-3 Flight Trainer
Binghamton, NY
During the 1920s, Edwin A. Link was employed in his father's organ building and repair business. He obtained his pilot's license in 1927 and became convinced that a mechanical…
Lunken Field Lunken Field
Cincinnati, OH
Lunken Field, now also known as Cincinnati Municipal Lunken Airport, opened in 1925 on ground purchased from the Cincinnati Polo Club. The nation’s largest municipal airport at…
NASA Ames Research Center
Mountain View, CA
Established in 1939 by the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA), and named after NACA’s first chairman, Joseph S. Ames, the center has been at the forefront of…
NASA’s Stennis Space Center. NASA John C. Stennis Space Center
, MS
This rocket propulsion test complex was created to flight-certify all first and second stages of the Apollo Saturn V rocket.  The first test-firing occurred on April 23, 1966.…
Newark Airport Newark Airport
Newark, NJ
In May 1927, the same month of Charles A. Lindbergh's famous transatlantic flight from New York to Paris, a fact-finding commission appointed by the U.S. Secretary of Commerce…
Naval Air Station North Island North Island Naval Air Station
San Diego, CA
Known as the birthplace of Naval Aviation, North Island was the site of the first successful seaplane flight and the first amphibious flight in the U.S., both made by Glenn…
Oakland Airport Modern Aerial View Oakland Municipal Airport
Oakland, CA
This site, formerly known as Oakland Municipal Airport, served as the gateway to the Pacific during aviation’s pioneering age of trans-Pacific flight. Among other notable events,…

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