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Compact Disc Audio Player
On 8 March 1979, N.V. Philips' Gloeilampenfabrieken demonstrated for the international press a Compact Disc Audio Player. The demonstration showed that it is possible by using…
“Slanted oil wells are the latest sensation of the oil industry,” reports May 1934 Popular Science Monthly article. Controlled Directional Drilling
Conroe, TX
H. John Eastman introduces controlled directional drilling in 1929 and was awarded a patent the following year. The technique became widely adopted after an oil strike in Conroe…
Conwy Suspension Bridge Conwy Suspension Bridge
Conwy, North Wales
When a new road bridge was constructed alongside it, plans were made to demolish the Conwy Suspension Bridge. There was a national outcry and, since 1958, the bridge has been in…
Conwy Tubular Bridge Conwy Tubular Bridge
Conwy, North Whales
Built by Robert Stephenson to carry the Chester and Holyhead Railway across the River Conwy, this bridge was erected between 1846 and 1848. It consists of a single span 400 feet…
Coolspring Power Museum
Coolspring, PA
Early internal combustion engines produced only a few horsepower and were unable to replace steam engines in most applications until about 1890. By then, they were powerful enough…
Cooper Steam Traction Engine Collection Cooper Steam Traction Engine Collection
Mount Vernon, OH
These engines, built by Cooper & Co., of Mount Vernon are among the oldest surviving agricultural steam engines to show the evolution from the portable, skid-mounted engine (…
Cooper-Bessemer Type GMV Integral-Angle Gas Compressor Cooper-Bessemer Type GMV Integral-Angle Gas Compressor
Mount Vernon, OH
This compressor was a product of the combined technology and design heritage of both the C. & G. Cooper Company of Mount Vernon and the Bessemer Gas Engine Company of…
Cooperative Fuel Research Engine
Waukesha, WI
The Cooperative Fuel Research (CFR) engine is used extensively throughout the world for testing, research, and instruction in the performance of fuels and lubricants for the…
Corn Silage Harvester Corn Silage Harvester
Falcon Heights, MN
Charles C. Fenno Of Grinnell, Ia, Patented The First Field Corn Silage Harvester On April 19, 1892. His Ground-Powered Machine Cut The Corn Plant And Fed The Tassel End First To A…
Cornell Aeronautical Laboratory (Calspan)
Buffalo, NY
Tracing its history to the earliest days of powered flight – to the Wright brothers and Glenn Curtiss – the site began as the research laboratory of the Curtiss-Wright Aircraft…
Corning Ribbon Machine
Dearborn, MI
While Thomas Edison perfected the first practical and durable filament in 1879, it was not until much later that electricity left the laboratory to become the universal source of…
Cornish - Windsor Covered Bridge Cornish - Windsor Covered Bridge
Cornish, VT
The Cornish-Windsor Covered Bridge is the longest wooden bridge in the United States and the longest two-span, covered bridge in the world. It is also a classic example of wooden…
Cornwall Iron Furnace
Lebanon, PA
When erected by Peter Grubb to smelt the rich iron ore of the nearby Cornwall ore banks, this stone-built blast furnace was typical for its time, producing about 20 tons of pig-…
Cortland Street Drawbridge Cortland Street Drawbridge
Chicago, IL
In 1899, engineers from the City of Chicago's Division of Bridges and Viaducts performed a survey of moveable bridge design in the U.S. and Europe. Their study led to the…
Cotton Gin Cotton Gin
Savannah, GA
This Creative Development Which Was Responsible For The Survival Of The Cotton Industry In The United States Occurred In General Nathaniel Greene's Plantation Near Savannah 10…
SRRC Cotton Products Research
New Orleans, LA
By the 1950s, synthetic fabrics - often wrinkle resistant and flame retardant - began to overtake cotton as the dominant U.S. textile fiber. To reverse this trend chemists and…
County Kerry Transatlantic Cable Stations
County Kerry,
The discoveries of electricity in the latter half of the 18th Century, and its close connection with magnetism, were the products of earlier experiments, which in turn led to the…
Craigellachie Bridge Craigellachie Bridge
Aberlour, Moray
This elegant cast iron arch bridge designed by Scotland's famous Thomas Telford was built from 1812 to 1814.  It is the earliest surviving example of a portable lattice-braced…
Cranetown Triangulation Site Cranetown Triangulation Site
Essex County, NJ
The precise system of measurements provided today by the U.S. Coast and Geodetic Survey originated with an act of Congress under the administration of Thomas Jefferson in 1807…
(Image not displayed) Crawler Transporters of Launch Complex 39
, FL
The crawler-transporters, formally known as the Missile Crawler Transporter Facilities, are a pair of tracked vehicles used to transport spacecraft from NASA's Vehicle Assembly…

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