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Date Innovation City State Country Society
1792 Great Falls Raceway and Power System Paterson NJ USA ASCE
1789 The Chemical Revolution - Antoine-Laurent Lavoisier Paris France ACS
1757-1775 Benjamin Franklin's Work in London London England UK IEEE
1761 Bethlehem Waterworks Bethlehem PA USA ASCE
1751 Book "Experiments and Observations on Electricity" by Benjamin Franklin Philadelphia PA USA IEEE
1792 Old Cape Henry Lighthouse Virginia Beach VA USA ASCE
1764 Choate Bridge Ipswich MA USA ASCE
1799 Ellicott's Stone Bucks AL USA ASCE
1796 Hwaseong Fortress Suwon Gyeonggi-do South Korea ASCE
1774 Discovery of Oxygen by Joseph Priestly Northumberland PA USA ACS
1775 King's Road New Smyrna FL USA ASCE
1767 Mason-Dixon Line USA ASCE
1794 New Castle Ice Harbor New Castle DE USA ASCE
1787 Portland Head Light Cape Elizabeth ME USA ASCE
1799 Potowmack Canal and Locks Fairfax County VA USA ASCE
1761 Sewall's Bridge York ME USA ASCE
1794 Springfield Armory Springfield MA USA ASME
1793 U.S. Capitol Washington DC USA ASCE
1768-1790 Forth & Clyde Canal and Union Canal Glasgow UK ASCE
1779 Ironbridge Coalbrookdale-Ironbridge UK ASCE
Displaying results 1 of 20 - 24

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