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Wall, Monroe

Discovery of Camptothecin and Taxol
Society: ACSMain Category: ChemicalSub Category: MedicalEra: 1950sDateCreated: 1966Research Triangle InstituteRockvilleState: MDCountry: USAWebsite:, Wani, Mansukh, Wall, Monroe

Monroe Wall, Mansukh Wani and colleagues at the Natural Products Laboratory of the Research Triangle Institute discovered and elucidated the structure Taxol®and camptothecin, two life-saving compounds for the treatment of cancer. These natural products kill cancer cells via unique mechanisms of action and in ways scientists had not previously imagined. The work of this research team led to the eventual development and marketing of drugs that have been approved for treatment of ovarian, breast, lung, and colon cancer and Kaposi’s sarcoma.

Image Credit: Courtesy ACSImage Caption: Mansukh C. Wani
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