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Rumely Companies' Agricultural Products
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Agriculture Era: 1850-1859 DateCreated: 1853 1007 Lincolnway La Porte State: IN Zip: Country: USA Website:, Creator: Rumely, Meinrad

Beginning with the blacksmith shop of German immigrant Meinrad Rumely (1823-1904), this successive family of firms invented and produced a line of agricultural equipment that played a vital role in the evolution of farming based on the muscle of humans and animals to one based on the power of the steam and ultimately the internal-combustion engine. The M. & J. Rumely Co. became the M. Rumely Co., and then the Advance Rumely Co. The Allis-Chalmers Company acquired the business in 1931.

Image Credit: Courtesy Wikipedia/BulldozerD11 (CC BY-SA 3.0) Image Caption: Rumely Companies' Agricultural Products Era_date_from: 1853
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