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Society: ASME Main Category: Aerospace & Aviation Sub Category: Aerospace Era: 1950-1959 DateCreated: 1955 Arnold Air Force Base Arnold AFB State: TN Zip: 37389 Country: USA Website: Creator: Sverdrup, Lief
This propulsion wind tunnel (PWT) at Arnold AFB was the first large-scale facility for testing jet and rocket engines in simulated high-speed flight conditions. It has a unique combination of transonic (1955) and supersonic (1960) wind tunnels using a common 236,000 horsepower drive, the world's largest when built. It can achieve air speeds up to Mach 4.75 at altitudes up to 150,000 feet in its 16-foot square, removable test sections. Design engineers were Lief J. Sverdrup, John R. Parcel, Brice Smith, and Walter Cook, of Sverdrup and Parcel, St.
Image Credit: Public Domain (US Air Force) Image Caption: The world's first large-scale testing facility for jet and rocket engines in simulated high-speed flight conditions Era_date_from: 1955
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