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Society: ASME Main Category: Aerospace & Aviation Sub Category: Aerospace Era: 1950-1959 DateCreated: 1955 Arnold Air Force Base Arnold AFB State: TN Zip: 37389 Country: USA Website: Creator: Sverdrup, Lief
This propulsion wind tunnel (PWT) at Arnold AFB was the first large-scale facility for testing jet and rocket engines in simulated high-speed flight conditions. It has a unique combination of transonic (1955) and supersonic (1960) wind tunnels using a common 236,000 horsepower drive, the world's largest when built. It can achieve air speeds up to Mach 4.75 at altitudes up to 150,000 feet in its 16-foot square, removable test sections. Design engineers were Lief J. Sverdrup, John R. Parcel, Brice Smith, and Walter Cook, of Sverdrup and Parcel, St.
Image Credit: Public Domain (US Air Force) Image Caption: The world's first large-scale testing facility for jet and rocket engines in simulated high-speed flight conditions Era_date_from: 1955
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Minerals Extraction & Refining Era: 1950-1959 DateCreated: 1955 1491 W. Jefferson Trenton State: MI Zip: 48183 Country: USA Website:, Creator: McLouth, Donald
This is one of the three original 60-ton vessels by which the basic oxygen process (BOP) of steel making was introduced into this country from Austria, where it was invented. It heralded the first new technology in fifty years to become the basis of a major process for steel production throughout the world. In this process, a water-cooled lance injected a jet of high-purity oxygen into the bath of molten iron. Various chemical reactions produced a quality low-nitrogen steel at a ton-per-hour rate nearly three times that of the open hearth furnace.
Image Credit: Courtesy ASME Image Caption: Basic-Oxygen Steel Making Vessel Era_date_from: 1955
AAR Railroad-wheel Dynamometer
Society: ASME Main Category: Mechanical Sub Category: Research and Development Era: DateCreated: 1955 Association of American Railroads, Transportation Technical Center Pueblo State: CO Zip: Country: USA Website:, Creator: Southern Pacific Railroad

This inertia dynamometer is used to test railroad wheels under controlled conditions that can greatly exceed normal service. It is the first and only railroad dynamometer to test track wheels using vertical and lateral loads, as well as thermal braking loads, at the wheel rim. It can also test railway car and locomotive axles.

Image Credit: Image Caption: AAR Railroad-wheel Dynamometer Era_date_from: 1955
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