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Fall 1986

Volume 2, Issue 2


The Zephyr brought new life to railroading in the thirties, introducing diesel power, lightweight construction, and streamlining

The American Industrial Revolution takes center stage in a new permanent installation at the National Museum of American History. A preview.

As tools get more sophisticated, we use them less and manage them more. It all goes back to the introduction of the workbench.

For more than fifty years, engineers have been learning—mostly from painful experience—how to design structures that can shake and survive

In between trying to invent the light bulb and the airplane, Hiram Maxim developed the machine gun. Within his life it brought death to millions.

George S. Morison was a no-nonsense engineer of bridges in a heroic age

New building technologies and theories of urban planning in the 1920s gave rise to intoxicating visions of future cities.


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